Innovative SECURITY SUMMIT 2018
Abdulrahman Alshetwey
innovative solutions logo

Things we cannot ignore anymore
By: Abdulrahman Alshetwey
Innovative Solutions

Amir Kanaan
Kaspersky logo

Enterprise Security Challenges
By: Amir Kanaan, Kaspersky lab

Aidmar Househ
FireEye logo

Advanced Cyber Attacks
By: Aidmar Househ, FireEye

Haider Pasha
Symantec logo

Information Centric Security: A Holistic Approach to Securing the Data Perimeter
By: Haider Pasha, Symantec

Ides Vanneuville
AVINetworks logo

Web Application Firewall in a
Hybrid Cloud Fabric

By: Ides Vanneuville, AVI Networks

Fortinet logo

Fortinet Security Fabric
By: Riku Valpas, Fortinet

Roman Bezhan
ERPScan logo

Sorry, but your ERP is insecure.
N+1 method to compromise whole business

By: Roman Bezhan, ERPScan

Vibin Shaju
Mcafee logo

Securing Critical Infrastructure
By: Vibin Shaju, McAfee

Peter Heim
Forcepoint logo

Rethinking Cybersecurity with a Risk Adaptive Approach
By: Peter Heim, Forcepoint

Shalik Aboo

Foundational Cyber Security for Enterprise & Industrial Networks
By: Shalik Aboo, Tripwire